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20 Black Nails Design Ideas

Humans have a rich history of embellishments and adornments, and manicure as it applies to nails has been very popular in various cultures throughout history.

The Chinese are credited with creating the first nail polish. In the ancient Chinese community red nail paint served as a symbol of affluence and it was only reserved for the rich and elite
members of the society. We’ve moved past such levels of segregation and these days nail polish and the choice of nail polish color are used as a means to make bold fashion statements
and also to challenge societal norms.

In recent times black nail art has become very popular, probably because they are bold, go well with almost any outfit and the options you can choose from vary from very sophisticated designs
to more fun and simple designs.

Black is very versatile, and there’s a wide variety of ways you can combine it with other colors or designs to create something fashionable, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing.

In this article we’re presenting to you 20 black nail design ideas you can try.


1. Black Nails With Sparkles

Sparkles are a great way to add some shine to your already bold black nails.

You can achieve this black nail art design in two ways; you can use silver glitter accents or you can add a layer of glitter nail polish on your black nails.

The first option might be a little bit hard to do, you can find tutorials online, but the second option is pretty easy to pull off. With glitter nail polish you can create black glitter nails without stress.

Black Nails With Sparkles


2. Matte Black Nails

Matte black is a really cool color, it’s calm and looks solid. A set of well manicured black matte nails makes a bold statement and demands attention.

Matte black nails are sure to give you a bold appearance and show how fashion conscious and up to date you are.

Matte Black Nails


3. Matte Black Nails With Glossy Tips

This design is great for short nails and also a great choice if you love matte black. This hybrid combination creates an effortlessly cool and classy look.

For this design you’ll need to have a glossy base. Then using scotch tape to cover a thin portion of the tip of your nails you apply matte black to the base.

Matte Black Nails With Glossy Tips


4. Black Nails With Rhinestones

Rhinestones are a great way to add more personality and shine to ordinary black nails.

You can make one of your fingers stand out with custom rhinestone arrangements or adorn all your fingers with rhinestones. You can be really creative with this one and come up with a bold
nail design.

Black Nails With Rhinestones


5. Black French Tip Nails

This is great for you if you love french nails or almond shaped nails but want to spice things up a bit with a touch of black. You can create black french tip almond nails.

French manicure features a nude base and a white strip at the tip. This can be spiced up with black. The tip is painted black instead of white.

Black French Tip Nails


6. Black V-tip Nails

This is similar in design to the black french tip design. You’ll love this if you love french tip nails but want to shake things up a little and so something different and unique.

The base is nude color with the tips painted black with a V shape design.

This looks particularly good on long nails and it can be spiced up with some more artistic elements like butterflies to make it stand out even more.

Black V-tip Nails


7. Cow Print Tip Nails

Cow print nails were a really hot trend recently and they look absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching. The black against the white makes for good contrast and makes the nails stand

Cow Print Tip Nails


8. Black Marble Nails

Marble looks great in almost any setting and it definitely looks great as a design on nails.

This design is classy and easily achievable with a mixture of black gel polish and white gel polish.

The black gel polish is laid on as the base and the while gel polish is carefully laid over it and allowed to slightly blend in to give the marble look.

Black Marble Nails


9. Black Swirl Nails

This design is great if you want just a slight touch of black on your nails. You can mix the swirls with white on a nude background or any background of your color.

The main feature of this nail design are the swirls drawn over the nails. You can purchase presses that you can use to easily make swirl designs on your nails without taking a trip to the

Black Swirl Nails


10. Black Flames Nails

This design is black french nails with flames at the tips. Instead of the tip being the normal strip of black, you can spice things up and draw flames at the tip of your nails with black polish.

If you’re thinking drawing the flames will be complicated, don’t worry, you can buy presses that’ll make the whole process a breeze.

Black Flames Nails


11. Black Gel Nails

A classic all black nail look never goes out of fashion. This simple design involves simply painting your short or long black nails with gel polish.

Gel polish is recommended because it’ll last longer plus it looks better and you won’t get to suffer from chipped nails.
Black Gel Nails


12. Black and Gold Nails

The versatility of the color black is the heart of this design.

Gold complements black very nicely, a little touch of gold, or as much as you’d prefer, is going to make your nails look royal.

Black is a beautiful color because it’s bold and goes well with almost any other color and most outfits. Black and gold nails are very versatile.
Black and Gold Nails


13. Coffin Black Nails

This is more about the structure the nails are filed into than the color. Although the black polish complements the coffin look.

This will be great if you’re going for a gothic look or just love the boxy design.
Coffin Black Nails


14. Black Nails Plus Star Constellations

This design idea gives you a lot of opportunities for creative expression. Most of us have a strong connection to our Galaxy, so this nail design idea will resonate with almost everyone.

You have five nails to express yourself, you can have different ideas or expressions on different nails or make one nail the center of attention and use the other nails with less busy designs to complement.
Black Nails Plus Star Constellations


15. Black Nails Plus Line Art

Line art is simple and at the same time very expressive. It’s a great way to show your personality.

Mixing this with the boldness of black makes nail line art exquisite. You can also explore a wide range of shapes and figures on each nail to give off any appearance you desire.
Black Nails Plus Line Art


16. Black Nails Plus White Stripe

Black is a bold color, very versatile and goes with almost anything. This versatility can be infused with a touch of white to give it a whole new feel.

Simple black and white nails are beautiful and easy to pull off. All you need is black polish and white polish. Find more white nails ideas in our article on 20 White Nails to Rock in 2022

The white polish has to be laid carefully over a black base for this design. The white against the black background makes your nails pop and attract attention.
lack Nails Plus White Stripe


17. Black Nails Plus Eyes

This is a fun, bold, and creative nail design idea. You can take your time being creative and drawing eyes in various forms and colors on each nail.

If you don’t have the time for this you can purchase stickers and still get the same artistic and dramatic effect.
Black Nails Plus Eyes

18. Black Nails Plus Colorful Art

It’s very much possible to turn your nail to a canvas and paint what you wish on them. You can play with colors and shapes and anything you can think of. Read the article 13 Nail Shapes To Try In 2022

Although this might not work for some formal settings, it’ll definitely be great if you’re on holiday or you have a lot of free time and you feel like trying something new and colorful.
Black Nails Plus Colorful Art


19. Black Nails And Black Heart Tips

This is another twist of the french nail tips, instead of a white line or glossy tips, heart shapes are painted in black at the tip of the nails.
Black Nails And Black Heart Tips


20. Black And White Nails Plus Flowers

This is an interesting twist to having flowers drawn on the nails. Instead of featuring color, the flowers are drawn with white polish over a black base.
Black And White Nails Plus Flowers


Black nails with designs are a great way to show your personality and display your creativity.

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