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20 Blue Nails Ideas to Try in 2022

When it comes to visual designs, color has an essential role to play. This isn’t different for nail art as varieties of colors depict different meanings, including a person’s style, mood, creative prowess, and even their current feeling.

If you’ve ever tried to choose a color for your nails, then you understand how challenging it is to choose the perfect nail polish. That’s why it’s better to have guidelines that can ease the process for you.

Blue represents serenity, reliability, royalty, and much more and in today’s article, we will show you 20 awesome ways to explore nail art using blue nail polish.

1. Royal Blue Nails

When in doubt, royal blue nails with diamonds could be the perfect idea for brightening up your fingernails. They also come in handy when all you want is to keep things simple and easy.

Royal Blue Nails


2. Blue Marble Nails

Aside from being a go-to nail art for short nails, blue marble nails also look great on longer nails. It’s a fun look that can get you turning heads.

Blue Marble Nails


3. Two in One Blue Nail Design

Ever thought about what it will feel like to have two different shades of blue blended to produce a cool summer nail art look? Well, here’s your answer!
With the help of a good nail technician, you can incorporate your two desired blue colors to achieve a chic fingernail.

Two in One Blue Nail Design


4. Blue and Gold Nails

It’s hard to go wrong with sprinkles of gold on your nails. A combination of blue and gold will always result in some super gorgeousness.

Blue and Gold Nails


5. Blue Nails with wrong Floral Design

If you’re in a girly-girly mood, you also want to wear a beautiful girl nail art using your favorite shade of blue nail polish. One surest way to spice things up is by adding some floral design.

The good thing is that you can achieve this art at home, even with little or no experience.

Blue Nails with wrong Floral Design


6. Blue French Nails

As you may already know, french nails have been in vogue for a very long time. But this time, we’re not looking at the regular white or nude tip french nails.

Colorful french nails are becoming the trendiest at the moment. So why not key in with sparkly blue nail polish? For more french nails ideas check out our article on 20 Ways to Elevate Your French Tip Nails.

Blue French Nails


7. Blue and Silver Nails

Silver glitters look great when combined with any shade of blue nail polish. If you love sparkles, then you should think of them.

Blue and Silver Nails


8. Matte Blue Nails with Grey Combo

The gray and blue combo is the best neutral look to go for, especially if you’re not open to trying out colors. They both can blend in perfectly to produce an overall cool look that can match any outfit.

Matte Blue Nails with Grey Combo


9. Coffin Baby Blue Nails

Now, this nail option is an ideal way to feel young and fresh. Baby blue can be easily classified under neutral colors and it allows you to pair it with any other color you love.

From acrylic to gel, a baby blue color on coffin nails is a unique nail style that would look good on every woman.
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Coffin Baby Blue Nails


10. Blue Butterfly Nails

Brighten up your look with cute butterfly nail designs. You can try it out with a red white and blue nail ombre. Then, proceed to add some sparkly silver butterflies; trust the end product to look pretty. This look is ideal for the summer. You can check out more summer nail trends with our 20 Summer Nail for 2022 Post

Blue Butterfly Nails


11. Pink and Blue Nails

A pink and blue ombre can help you make your short nails fashionable. Whether it’s acrylic or gel, a combination of these two colors ends up more beautiful than imagined.

If you’re finding it difficult to choose your shades, consider trying the:

  • Light Pink And Blue
  • Matte Pink And Blue Ombre with Flowers
  • Dark Blue And Pink Flames

Pink and Blue Nails


12. Ice Blue Tip Nails

Are you in the mood for adventure? Ice blue is a rich, light shade that allows you to explore with different colors of your choice. You can combine it with pink, gold, red, beige, silver, deep blue, brown, green, black, and any other color you can think of.

Ice Blue Tip Nails


13. Frosty Blue Christmas Nails

You’re not fully in the winter mood until you’ve had the urge to try out winter-themed nail designs.

For the frosty blue Christmas nails, you need a combination of ombre blue, white snowflakes, and glitter. This is an adorable manicure that would be suitable for the cold season.

Frosty Blue Christmas Nails


14. Pale Blue Nails

This is a lovely dusty hue that helps you express the calmness associated with the summer season.

Pale Blue Nails


15. Pastel Blue Nails

If you can’t easily figure out which color shade you want but also want to participate in the pastel nail-color rage, blue nail polish is a fantastic option to try out.

Pastel Blue Nails


16. Cloud Blue Nails

Of course, you can literally wear the clouds using baby blue nail polish. All you need is a creative nail tech to convert your nails into an art project.

The final result of this look largely depends on how realistic you want it to be. You can opt for silhouettes of birds or even fewer clouds.

Cloud Blue Nails


17. Short Navy Blue Nails

Do you have a formal appearance to make or an important business meeting to attend? These short and share-shaped navy blue nails are what you need to complete your look.

It’s also a fabulous option for older women who love the idea of a simple, low-maintenance manicure.

Short Navy Blue Nails


18. Swirl Blue Nails

One thing about swirl blue nails is the fact that they are interesting and unique. With them, you can wholesomely demonstrate your individuality.

Swirl Blue Nails


19. Blue and White Nails

This is a safe nail combo that has served as a fashion statement since the 1900s. It has also grown to become more popular over the years.

Blue and White Nails


20. Blue Themed Galaxy Nail

If you love sci-fi or space art, you should try these galaxy-inspired blue nails. You can add stars, moon, and planet to make it more realistic.

Blue Themed Galaxy Nail



And that’s it! All of these designs are gorgeous ways to wear and show off blue nail polish art. They are dreamy designs that will definitely earn you a whole lot of compliments from your friends, colleagues, and even strangers!

We hope that you check out the different shades of blue nails mentioned here and give one of them a try.