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20 Cute Summer Nails for 2022

We all know how much confidence a gorgeous manicure can give us year-round but something about the summer heat and a fresh set of nails just makes it all the more fun. Summertime means the chance to rock some fun and bright colors, try a new design or shape or just step out of your comfort zone. If you’re looking to be more adventurous with your nails this summer or just want to upgrade a classic, keep reading to discover the most on trend nails for summer 2022.

1. French Tip with a Twist

You can never go wrong with a classic but for the summer why not try a fun twist on that classic. Go for a French tip nail whether natural or acrylic and spice it up with a bright color, array of colors, or a contrasting light and dark layered French tip. This is also great for when you need to make your nails last between appointments because the clear base doesn’t reveal grown out nails.

French Tip with a Twist


2. Coffin Shape Nails

Coffin shape nails are marked by their lengthy shape and tapered off square shape. They provide a larger space to play around with your nail designs. They’re bold, sleek and continue to be a fan favorite in the acrylic nail community. Spice it up this summer with a coffin shape versus the classic tried and true square or almond. For even more coffin nails manicure check out our article about 25 Designs to Elevate Your Coffin Nails Manicure.

Coffin Shape Nails


3. Groovy Nails

Groovy and swirly nail designs have become super popular the last few years and can be adapted for any season. With a pop of bright colors, you can rock this design all summer long with a variety of color combos ranging from rainbow to monochromatic shades of blue, pink, orange and so many more.

Groovy Nails


4. Neon Nails

Neon nails are a great way to add a major pop of color that can complement your skin tone perfectly. For darker skin tones go for a neon lime, bright orange, or electric blue color. For fairer skin, a hot pink or bright purple can be a great choice to get in on the neon trend. You can’t forget about a vibrant yellow to match that summer sun.

Neon Nails


5. Short and Round Nail Shape

For the girls who don’t love a long acrylic or just want something a bit shorter, the short and round nail shape is perfect. A short round nail is a great option for the summer as they are low maintenance and allow for a sophisticated and natural look perfect for any occasion.

Short and Round Nail Shape


6. Pastel Nails

The spring and summer months are ideal for pastel colors. From baby blue to light pink and creamsicle orange, there’s a color for every occasion. Choose a different pastel for each nail or pick just one. This summer you’ll notice lots of sets rocking the pastel French tip so don’t hesitate to get in on the trend.

Pastel Nails


7. Smiley Face Nails

Smiley face nails are such a fun and adorable design for the summer months. You can choose a sunshine or pastel yellow for a classic smiley face or go for a clear base and deck out your nails with yellow or rainbow-colored smiley faces.

Smiley Face Nails


8. Almond Shape Nails

Obviously named after the almond nut, almond shape nails are longer with a tapered point at the end. These are a common and always flattering nail shape and are great for those looking for a solid or French tip design. You can really never go wrong with the almond shape, and they’ll make a great option for your summer nail portfolio.

Almond Shape Nails


9. Graphic Nail Design

A big trend for summer 2022 is the graphic nail design. Take a cute pattern, an edgy color combo, or different textures and add fun designs or words. Creativity is key for a fun graphic nail and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. With graphic nails, wild and fun is awkward better.
Graphic Nail Design

10. Peachy Nails

A fun and simple but still extremely popular nail color for the summer is peach. Peachy tones pair great with a variety of colors to easily match with your swimwear and looks great on so many different skin tones. What could be a better color for summer than one that reminds you of fruit.
Peachy Nails

11. Square Shape Nail

Square nails are perfect for those with a narrower nail bed. They help create a wider shape and are great options to avoid breakage. They also help to balance the length of longer acrylics. Paired with a fun color or design, square nails will make a great option for the summer.

Square Shape Nail


12. Glitter and Sparkle Nails

Nails with just a hint of sparkle or a lot of sparkle are a great way to make a statement this summer. With glitter you can do a lot or give just a tease. Add a glitter topcoat, a small hint of glitter in the design or go for a full glitter polish to add a bit of spunk to your summer nails.

Glitter and Sparkle Nails

13. Floral Nails

Floral nails are another fun design for the summer and an absolute classic. They are perfect for the spring and summer months and can be achieved through hand painted design or with sticker decals and stencils. Go for a neutral or clear base and a pastel flower for a gorgeous and forever tasteful summer nail. Make your manicure pop by adding in solid-colored nails for a mismatch design.

Floral Nails


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14. Press On Nails

Press on nails have become all the craze this year. They’re the perfect option for a quick manicure in a pinch or when you want to be able to change your nail color or design without going through the hassle or nail damage of gel or acrylics. They offer the versatility of color, design, and shape all for affordable prices.

Press On Nails


15. Mismatched Nail Designs

Mismatched designs are another fun and creative way to express yourself with your nails. You can shoot for a classic mid match between solid and design or go for a full mismatch of different designs. Whatever you choose it’s sure to get compliments. Even better if it matches all the different swimsuit patterns, you’ll be rocking this summer.

Mismatched Nail Designs

16. Shades of Blue

Shades of blue, whether choosing just one for all your nails or multiple shades, make for the perfect summer nail. They complement the ocean perfectly and work for every skin tone and almost every outfit. You can never go wrong with blue in the summertime. Related Post: 20 Blue Nails Ideas to Try in 2022

Shades of Blue Nails


17. Mountain Peak Nails

Mountain peak nails are a great option for those looking for a longer nail but not as long as the coffin. The mountain peak style involves a medium length nail, tapered to a finer point. These are a great option for strong natural nails or for those looking for a more natural acrylic shape without all the added length. This shape also gives way for a variety of different nail designs with a more spacious canvas than shorter round nails.

Mountain Peak Nails


18. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is the perfect summer color. It complements so many skin tones and is surprisingly versatile. Not to mention it’s also been named as Pantone’s color of the year. It’s an adorable color and great for every occasion.

Periwinkle Nails


19. Gel Nail

Gel nails are the perfect option for a lasting manicure which is great for any summer trip. They offer a more natural look and don’t require the upkeep of acrylics. You can choose to go for the classic sheer, a sexy matte, a sparkling shimmer or a fun metallic. Gel is also easy to remove at home and less damaging to the nail bed than acrylics.

Gel Nail Design Ideas


20. Summer Toes

Only thing better than having your nails done is having your finger and toenails done. Summer is the perfect time to be adventurous with your toenails since they’re likely to be on display. You can go for a complete matching set or spice it up by going for a different color of design than what you have on your nails.

Summer Toes