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25 Trendy Fall Nails Ideas For 2022

The purpose of this article is to make sure your nails look great this fall as we transition from summer to winter.

Summer was a time where outdoor activities and warm-weather fashion reigned supreme, but now the seasons are gradually changing and very soon you’ll start to have a more constant relationship with your favorite oversized sweater.

This season provides a great opportunity to shift attention to your nails and make all kinds of statements with autumnal hues, depending on how you’re feeling.

There are thousands of nail ideas 2022 floating around on socials like Instagram and TikTok, there are lots of options to choose from.

In this article we’ll explore our favorite nail design ideas for fall. Our list features colors and designs that complement the vibe and ambiance of the autumnal season.

Read on to find great nail designs that any fashion-conscious person will love, we hope you find a few you can rock this beautiful fall season.

25 Trandy Nail Design Ideas to Try This Fall

1. Plaid Tips

Plaid Tips nails

Plaid is a classic fall pattern, through the “90s it was heavily featured in fashion magazines, and it’s proven to be timeless even now.

To give it a more modern feel, you can mix it up with the classic french manicure. Take advantage of the flexibility of the french manicure and add plaid tips to create something that is classic, timeless, and still relevant and stylish in 2022.

You can add an autumnal vibe to the equation by adding warm shades of brown. It’s a mix of simplicity and complexity. The base is clear and simple, but there are intricate details within the plaid, so you might want to visit a nail salon and have this fall nails design done by a professional.

2. Circle of Speckles

circle on nails

This fall nails design features a prominent fall favorite color: wine. But you can add a little bit of shine and glamor to make it stand out and attract attention to your nails.

This nail design is pretty easy to do on your own, all you’ll need is a dotting tool or toothpick with which you’ll make dots around the perimeter of each nail.

You can choose any color for the speckles, the choice is completely yours. This fall nails design idea gives you the opportunity to create a design that is truly you.

3. Florals for Fall

Fall Nail Green Flowers Florals for Fall Violet Nails Florals Fall Nail Ideas Fall Nail IdeasNails Blue

One of the major characteristics of fall is leaves drying on trees and falling off, hence the name fall. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. You can feature this phenomenon on your nails by having dried flower designs on your nails.

To attain this look, you’ll need a base coat and tiny pressed flowers you can find in any craft store. Soak the pressed flowers in alcohol and position them on your nails with gold and silver foil.

You can do this with traditional or gel polish. What’s important is that you seal the three-dimensional elements in place with an appropriate topcoat..

4. High-Contrast Negative Space

High-Contrast Negative Space Nails

Black nail polish is versatile, and its versatility extends to the fall season. But you can make it more interesting and take things beyond wearing a solid shade.

To do this you can use negative space. This means painting some sections of your nail black and leaving some spaces blank. You can make things more interesting by utilizing different geometric combinations like lines and triangles.

The main feature of this fall nail design is glossy bare nails featuring the color black in some sections.

5. Single Sparkly Stripe

Single Sparkly Stripe Nails

This simple yet glamorous fall nail design idea is perfect for small and exclusive ceremonies like weddings. This is a perfect nail idea for a fall wedding.

This fall nail design idea features a base coat of shiny polish (or nude polish) with a straight line of glitter on each nail. The line of glitter elevates the simple base and transforms it into something glitteringly different.

A tip to get a beautiful line is to move your nails instead of the brush when adding the line of glitter.

6. Big Little Lines

dark red nails with lines

A shade of dark red is a color very synonymous with fall. You can wear only a dark shade of red on your nails and you have great fall nails.

But if you feel like just one color is boring and you want to spice things up, you can add a not too thick, not too thin line to make this timeless look even more interesting.

A creamy white shade is a nice color to go with the dark shade of red.

7. Spell It Out

black letters on nails, press on nails

This personal fall nail design helps you turn your nails into a canvas on which you can display any word you choose. Any word with ten letters or less is perfect for this nail design.

You can use black and white, but if you want something different you can choose two contrasting shades

8. Dots in Diamond

blue nails with diamond dots

If you love classic colors like navy blue, white, and red, this fall nail design idea is perfect for you.

If you have a steady hand you can achieve this design without visiting a nail artist.

This design features a navy blue base with a skinny white diamond shape drawn with four lines, and a red dot in the middle. You’re going to absolutely love your nails!

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9. Black Curtain Tips

Black Curtain Tips

If you have long nails this fall nail design idea is for you. It is a combination of dark and neutral shades with curtain-shaped tips.

This idea is simple but innovative. The curtains are painted in black over the tips, making long nails stand out.

10. Brown Brilliance

brown fall nails ideas

Brown is a prominent fall color, add some obvious sparkles to it and you have a nail design that is both brilliant and beautiful. The sparkle stands out against the brown base.

The sparkle is featured at the base of the nail. You can make the contrast more pronounced and dramatic with a matte topcoat.

11. Mustard Nails

mustard nails design ideas

One of the most prominent colors of the fall season is mustard. You can wear them pretty much anywhere during fall.

It’s a simple yet effective design. It features a yellow-toned green hue that will work perfectly and complement any skin tone.

The colors that go well with this shade are gray, blue, and brown.

12. Halloween-Inspired Manicure

Halloween-Inspired Manicure

Do you want something spooky because you’re a huge fan of halloween. This fall nail design idea is achieved with a classic pumpkin design sitting on the cuticle of each finger.

The negative space at the other end of the nails serve to elongate your fingertips and make them look very fashionable.

13. Autumn Cloud Nails

Autumn Cloud Nails

Fall is characterized by a change in atmosphere, it is the time the cold weather starts to set in. You can commemorate this season by recreating the clouds synonymous with autumn on your nails.

You can use the traditional shades of blue and gray or add neutral colors if you wish.

14. Monochrome Green Manicure

Monochrome Green Manicure

Green will look absolutely beautiful on your nails this fall season. This is a geometric design that you can easily create at home.

You’ll need tape and two hues of the color green, one dark and one light. Use the tape to cover one half of the fingertip, make the line diagonal. To make your fingers look longer, paint the bottom half with the dark hue.

Add a topcoat to unify both sections.

15. Shades of Gray Gradient Nails

Gray Gradient Nails

This is a minimalist design that looks really stunning. It’s a great way to create something that looks sophisticated without having to do too much.

All you need is white, light dusty rose, gray and black. Each finger will feature a single color, with a transition from light to dark.
You can make the thumb and pinky the same color.

16. Polka Dot Nails

Polka Dot Nails

If you want something chic but simple that gives you the freedom to choose the colors you want, this is the nail design idea for you.

This manicure idea can be created in no time, with no professional help. You can make the dots the same size or vary their sizes and colors, the choice is yours, depending on how you’re feeling and the look you’re going for.

17. Classic French Tip

Classic French Fall Nails

The reason why the French tip is so timeless is its simplicity. The classic French tip manicure is so stylish and versatile that it fits all occasions and seasons.

Like you probably already know, it features a white tip with a nude or light pink base. It is very easy to create and can be worn by women of all ages.

18. White and Gold Fall Nails

White and Gold Fall Nails

Pair white with gold and you have something interesting and striking.

The beauty of this fall nail design idea is in how much freedom it gives you, you can combine these two hues however you want, however you feel. You can choose to have a white base with gold tips or sprinkle gold glitter over a white base. The possibilities are vast.

With this fall nail design, you can make your personality and mood shine by choosing a design or combination that reflects your personality and style in the best way possibe.

19. Shades of Brown Nails

Shades of Brown Nails

Brown is a beautiful color for the fall season, and thanks to the several shades of brown available, you can create a very beautiful and interesting fall manicure.

With this fall nail design you can get your nails noticed with a creative placement of different shades of brown. A good idea is to paint the base one shade and use another shade for the tip to create an interesting brown twist of the French manicure.

20. Classic Nude Nails

nude nail design

The nude nail design is a classic design that is reliable for pretty much all occasions and seasons.

For this fall nail design idea, you’ll need two neutral shades that work well with your skin tone. The entire base will be painted with the lighter shade, let it dry and then paint the second layer using the darker shade.

You can leave a small space carved to the natural shape of your cuticles. Finish this look with a clear topcoat and you’re ready to go.

21. Burgundy Coffin Fall Nail Designs

Burgundy is also a very nice color for the autumn nail, everyone will notice you among the rest women.

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22. Acrylic Fall Nails Ideas


23. Almond Fall Nails

Almond Fall Nails Green

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24. Simple Fall Nail

Simple Fall Nails Ideas

25. Cute Fall Nails

Cute Fall Nails