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20 Pink Nail Ideas You Can Try In 2022

The color pink is a symbol of friendship, harmony, inner peace, affection, and approachability. No wonder girls and women love it so much and will appreciate anything that comes in pink.

Pink is loved and adored because it is very close to a very romantic color, red. It’s very calm and serene. There’s an array of beautiful and calm emotions you can express with pink.

When put together with nails, the possibilities become endless. There are myriads of ways to feature pink in your manicure and let your nails spread the feelings of affection and harmony.

In this article, we’re going to look at 20 pink nail ideas you can try throughout the year 2022.

20 Pink Nail Design Ideas

1. Smiley Face Pink Nail Art

Smiley Face Pink Nail Art

The world needs more smiles, on faces and everywhere else they can be featured.

A combination of smiles and pink on your nails is a great way to send positive vibes all around and let your nails speak the language of friendship and harmony.

Depending on how artistic you are and how stable your hand is, you can paint smiley faces in pink over any background you choose. Otherwise, you can also use decals or press-on nails.

Be sure to choose a background that will make the smiley faces pop and stand out, so much that anyone who glances at your nails will look away with a smile on their face.

2. Pick Shades of Pink

dark pink nails blue pink nails cute pink nails

There are several shades of pink, and they are all available for you to choose and use as you please.

This pink nail design idea is elegant, yet playful and fun, and you can try different combinations. You can choose different depths from one color family and line them progressively from thumb to pinky.

You can make your pinky the pinkiest, pun intended. You can also choose between a matte finish or gloss finish.

3. Two Tones

Two Tones Pink nails

If you’re finding it hard to decide between all the wonderful tones and shades of pink, or you have two favorites, you can limit your choice to two tones.

You can alternate between nails or paint two in a row the same shade. This is a very simple yet artistic pink nail design idea, and it is also very easy to pull off.

4. Pink Watercolor Effect Nails

Pink Watercolor Effect Nails

This one is very expressive and it is a great way to flex your creative muscles and have some fun with color.

It might sound and look complicated, but it is actually easy to achieve.

First apply a base, a coat of white polish, and a topcoat.

Next, mix a drop of your first color with a couple drops of acetone on a non-porous surface.

After getting the mixture, use a fine brush to apply the paint to your nail using a splodgy motion. Repeat this process with the remaining colors of your choice until you’re satisfied with what you see.

To prevent chipping and wearing, you can finish the whole process with a shiny topcoat.

5. Touch of Sparkle

Sparkle Pink nails

Adding a little glitter and sparkle to your nails is never a bad idea.

You can add sparkles to your pink nails by using glitter, especially gold glitter or rhinestones. You can choose to be subtle and add the shine to just one finger or go all out and make all your nails sparkle, depending on how you’re feeling.

6. Pink Leopard Nail Design

leopard pink nails leopard zebra nails

You are going to love this if you love the leopard print. With this pink nail idea you can feature them on your nails.

You can start with a baby pink base to keep things subtle and get your nails ready for the leopard print. Then you can layer the leopard print on top of the baby pink base to give you a bold and daring look.

7. Pink Holographic Nail Art

holographic pinc nails ides cute holographic pink nails holographic pink nails

You might need a specialist or a visit to your salon to pull this off, but it’s a great way to make your nails shine and sparkle.

You don’t have to worry about your nail length or shape, holographic designs look great on all nail types and shapes.

8. Reverse French

Reverse French pink nails

There is no discussion about nail art and manicures that don’t somehow feature the French manicure, it is elegant and classic.

In recent times, people have been putting a spin on the French manicure and coming up with various versions of it.

This is one of them.

Break the rules and play with the colors and their positioning. Instead of painting the tip white, you can paint the tip pink. Or you could paint the base a dark shade of pink and paint the tip a lighter shade.

9. Pink Dalmatian Nails

Pink Dalmatian Nails

This one is for the dog lovers out there, which is most of us. The Dalmatian is adorably speckled, and you can replicate the design on your nails using pink and nude or any other base you want.

You don’t need much for this pink nail idea. All you need is a brush to paint pink dalmatian patterns on a nude background, or any background you choose.

10. Pink and Purple Nails

Pink and Purple Nails
Pink and Purple Short Nails

Pink and purple are a great combination, combined they can be used to make simple and clean designs that are easy to achieve.
The possibilities are wide with this one, you can create sections

11. Pink and Nude Nail Art

Pink and Nude Nail Art

This pink nail idea is a mix of colors and nail art, making it unique. You can choose three out of five fingers to feature a bold pink tone like hot coral pink and feature nail art on nude on the other two nails.

You can use black and gold decals to create vibrant and interesting designs on the two nude nails. The contrast with the neighboring hot coral pink will make the nail art stand out.

12. Pink and Green Nails

Pink and Green Nails

There is no reason why pink can’t be mixed with green to create an interesting look. They both have similar emotions and are both calm and serene, especially if you choose a slightly dark tone of green.

You can create sections on your nails and paint each green and pink, the way you mix the colors is up to you.

13. Gold Stars

Pink Gold Stars Nails

This pink nail design idea will leave you looking and feeling like a star. You can start with a nude base or a light shade of pink that creates a great contrast for the gold detail you will add on top.

You can then use polish with gold details or gold glitter to draw star shapes, or you could use decals to make it easier and cleaner if you don’t have a steady hand or don’t want to go through the stress of drawing in the stars yourself.

14. Pink Abstract Nails

Pink Abstract Nails

You’ll love this if you’re artistic and have been looking for something that is steps above the normal manicure and nail art you see around.

Abstract art involves the use of shapes, forms, and colors to create artistic expressions. A mixture of pink, black, and white can be used to create a beautiful work of art on your nails to give you a very artistic manicure.

You might need to visit your salon to have a professional create a design for you, or if you’re feeling bold and adventurous you can have fun with it and see what you can come up with.

15. Neon Pink and Baby Blue Nail Art

Neon Pink and Baby Blue Nail Art

Neon pink and baby blue might sound and look like a pair that can’t go together, but the contrast is the meat and ball of this pink nail design.

You can make it more interesting and simple by utilizing blank space to add another tone to the mix.

16. Mosaic Neon Pink Nails

Mosaic Neon Pink Nails

This pink nail idea is a combination of color and texture and it looks great. You’ll need some patience and time to create this design, but it is worth the time and effort.

To make this pink nail design all you need is a base color, an orange stick or fine tweezers, and neon pink mini nail sequins.

Apply the base color and while it is still wet place the sequins in your desired pattern using the orange stick or tweezers.

The final step is sealing it off with a top coat to make sure the style lasts. You’ll be proud of what you’ve done and can confidently show it off to your friends and people you meet.

17. Modern French Pink Manicure

Modern French Pink Manicure

This pink nail idea uses the same classic and timeless structure of the French manicure, but with a fresh and interesting twist.

The idea is to paint a hot pink outline around the edge of a nude nail using a steady hand or nail tape.

This pink nail idea is great if you just want a touch of pink and don’t want to go all the way.

18. Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen nails

Are you proudly vegetarian and always seek an opportunity to show people the benefits of going vegan. You can use your nails as a canvas to pass this message.

Peach is a round fruit that features green (leaves) and a touch of pink (skin) that you can draw on your nails to create a beautiful pink nail design.

You might need a visit to a salon to get this pink nail design, but you’ll love the results.

19. Neon Pink

Neon Pink nails

Make a bold statement with this pink nail design idea. Warning: your nails will be the center of attraction anywhere you enter. If you don’t mind, then this nail pink idea is a go for you.

You don’t have to do too much to achieve this design, all you need is neon pink nail polish and you’re ready to go.

20. Pretty Polka Dots

Pretty Polka Dots

Polka dots are simple and beautiful. It is an interesting pattern you can feature on your nails. Mixed with the beauty and subtlety of pink, you can create something beautiful that will call attention and admiration to your nails.

pink polka dots nails


Source: 27 Cute Pink Nails Designs (2022)