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20 Wedding Nails Ideas For Your Big Day

The wedding day is a day many ladies dream about and look forward to, for good reason, congratulations if that dream is slowly becoming a reality and your wedding day is around the

You’ve found the partner you feel you can spend the rest of your life with, you’ve bought the dress, the veil, and the venue is secure, but you don’t quite know what nail design to rock.
You want to pay attention to every detail and make sure everything is beautiful, and you know your manicure is one very important aspect that can make or mar your whole wedding outfit.
You want to be deliberate with your manicure, you want your nails to look their best on your beautiful and glorious day.

Listed below are our favorite wedding nails ideas for you… and your bridesmaids too.

1. Gold Glitter Ombre

Gold Glitter Ombre
This nail idea is a great way to make a statement and make your nails stand out and glitter. It’s your day, all the attention should be on you, so glittery accessories can be added to your attire to give you more shine.

You can keep the base neutral to give a more natural look and give the gold glitter a nice canvas on which it can shine and sparkle. The gold glitter can be restricted to only the tips to make it simple and classy.

2. Blue French Tips

Blue French Wedding Nails
A classic french tip is a good choice for any occasion. Adding blue is a great way to spice up this already beautiful nail design.

You can decide to choose bold blue or something light like sky blue, just to give a hint of blue. It’s unexpected and shows you’re willing to try new things and break the mold.

3. French Manicure With Jewels

French Manicure With Jewels Wedding Nails
You’re a jewel of immeasurable beauty, another human just agreed to spend the rest of their life with you. You can communicate this subtly with your nail by adding jewels to a simple and
classic nail design like the French tip.

It will elevate the classic look of the French tip, add more sparkly and character to it.

4. Sparkly Silver

Sparkly Silver Wedding Nails

This is a simple yet beautiful design, all you need is nail polish with silver sparkly to get an elegant chrome look.

The beauty of this idea is to keep it simple, you can be creative with the nail shape but the nail polish will feature only the silver sparkle. All your fingernails will glitter and make a bold statement; it’s your day.
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5. Classic French Manicure

Classic French Manicure Wedding Nails
Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. You can opt for the classic French manicure, the French Tip. Your fingers are going to look elegant and classic.

6. White Nails For Weddings

White Nails For Weddings
White is the colour for weddings, it represents purity and love. The wedding dress is white, and your nails too can be white. It’s your day, you can white everything up, so white nails are a great option for when you’re walking down the aisle.

You can be creative with the nail, but it’s best to go with something simple and classy.

7. Nude Wedding Design

Nude Wedding Nails Design
Also known as skin color, nude nails are the best choice if you want to keep things simple and still look sophisticated and elegant.

This nail design is a great way to show that you’re comfortable with your natural beauty and love to keep things simple.

In the spirit of being natural, choose a color that’s closer to your skin tone, a colour that will complement your skin.

8. Rhinestone Nail Art

Rhinestone Nail Art Wedding Nails Design
Rhinestones have come a long way since they were only available as quartz pebbles and exclusively accessible to the wealthy. Rhinestones shine like diamonds, and they are a great
way to accentuate your nails.

You can choose any background you wish, the rhinestones will shine against any background and make your fingers sparkle. It’s a great idea to make a bold statement.

9. Gentle Gradient

Gentle Gradient Wedding Nails Design

You can display your artistic and experimental self with this nail design idea and still remain classy and beautiful for your wedding.

The gradient manicure involves using two or more shades to create a gentle or vibrant display of transition from deep to light. You can make your nails take on the character of a rainbow.

10. Pink Wedding Nails

Pink Wedding Nails
Pink, associated with love, kindness, and femininity, is a calm and beautiful color and it matches the vibe of a wedding. It’s a great way to add a touch of romance to the already romantic vibe of a wedding.

There can’t be too much romance and love in a wedding, pink is a great way to exude kindness and feminity.

11. Wedding Nails With Glitter

Wedding Nails With Glitter
All that glitters isn’t gold, but all that glitters shines bright and sparkles. The sparkles are what make glitters desirable on nails, and it’s the reason wedding nails with glitters is a great idea for your wedding day.

You can sparkle as much as you want, you’re the bride, and it’s your day. You can be creative with the details and base color, the main feature of this wedding nail idea is the glitter.

12. Red Hearts

Red Hearts Wedding Nails Design
Hearts represent love, which is what you’ll be celebrating on your wedding day, so wearing red hearts on your nails will add more colour to your day and bring attention to your hands.

It’s important to be careful so as not to overdo the red, depending on your personality, there are no hard and fast rules here. You can also try different shades of red and pick the one that feels right to you.

13. Simple Constellation

Simple Constellation Wedding Nails Design
Do you love star signs and want to subtly express your enthusiasm and love for astrology? You can turn your nails to a canvas and depict stars and constellations on your nails. You might
need a nail artist for this but it’ll be worth the time and effort.

14. Gold Wedding Tips

Gold Wedding Tips Wedding Nails
This is a modification of the French manicure, the french tip. Instead of the tips being white, they are painted gold instead. The subtlety of the gold on the tips is what does the magic here.

This is great if you want to keep your nails simple and classy. It’s a simple design, but it also makes a bold statement about your taste for the best.

15. Floral Wedding Nails

Floral Wedding Nails Wedding Nails Design
Flowers are beautiful and colourful, no doubt, but they are also great for expressing feelings and emotions that words can’t. Your wedding is a celebration and expression of love, and you can
extend the vibe to your nails.

You have 10 nails to paint whatever floral design you want on, and you have space to be creative and create something that genuinely you.

You can mix colours up, create a color gradient if you want, display different flowers and floral designs, this design gives you room to express and show your creativity.

16. Reverse French Manicure

Reverse French Manicure
The French manicure is featured a lot on this list because of its simplicity and versatility. It gives a lot of room for creativity and expression.

This wedding nail idea involves having the white tip at the base of the fingernails instead of the tip, and then adding glitter to the top to create a sparkle. It’s a bold and flattering wedding nail design that will make your fingers pop on your special day.

17. Subtle Stars Wedding Nails Ideas

Subtle Stars Wedding Nails Ideas
You’re the bride and you shine like a star, it’s okay if you let your nails send this message. You can add little star designs to your nails, but do it in a subtle manner.

Watch to make sure the color of the nail polish matches with the color of the stars and that the whole colour matches the tone of your skin. You want something that will stand out but also
complement the rest of your wedding attire.

18. Golden Details

Golden Details Wedding Nails
If you like gold and want to feature it in a prominent but subtle way in your wedding attire, you can creatively add gold designs and details to your nails.

You can make golden lines across your nails or draw shapes with gold across your nails. You can be creative with this and add a touch of your personal style. The defining feature of this
wedding nail design idea is the touch of gold.

19. Monochromatic Wedding Nails

Monochromatic Wedding Nail
Monochrome nails are a great way to keep things simple and classy in your wedding day. Just choose a colour you’re comfortable with, and that goes with the rest of your wedding attire, and
paint each na different shades of the same colour.

The idea is about using many shades from the same colour family to create a simple but sophisticated look.

20. Heart Accents

Heart Accents Wedding Nails
Hearts are the most famous symbols of love, they’ll go well on your wedding nails. You can make them small and inconspicuous, just featured slightly across your nails, or you can make
them prominent.

The favorite colour for hearts is red, but you can try out other colours that go well with the tone of your wedding dress.